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How Do we Differ from other Law Firms?

We Personalize Your Needs

We understand that not every case is the same and take the time to customize and cater toward each client’s individual needs. We bring a personal and effective approach to every file we work on. We genuinely care about your outcome and will provide you with personalized and compassionate advice.

We Think Like Our Clients

We are more than your usual business law firm. We understand and relate to your position more than any other business law firm because are entrepreneurs at heart, we see things as you do, we put ourselves in your shoes.

Reasonable Legal Fees

We give straightforward advice for a reasonable price – we provide more value than the larger “BIG NAME” firms because we genuinely care about turning your business idea into a real business. Our focus is entrepreneurial – we have proven experience with startups.

We Have First-Hand Experience

We not only have over 20 years of experience, but we also provide much more insight than the typical business law firm – we have practical experience running a business ‘on the front lines’. We are able to guide you through your important decisions as if it was our business.

Our Team

Sean Zaboroski, BA, MBA, LLB

He provides full service and focuses on making the process smooth, informative and stress free for his clients.
His extensive experience means he can go beyond standard legal advice in order to provide true insight into the industry and introducing his clients to valuable contacts in the business industry as your situation requires. Sean’s clients feel supported and valued, every step of the way.

With in-person or remote meeting availability and a free initial consultation, Sean provides a risk-free, accessible experience. Contact him today to schedule a no cost, no obligation, discussion about your situation and goals!

Noella Yeo, BA, ACP

Noella is committed to providing our clients with accurate and valuable support. With honors designations in both her Paralegal License from Centennial College and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto, Noella displays an exceptional attentiveness and level of organization to your individual situation. Noella provides valuable support and assistance through the legal process, providing clients with a non-stressful and predictable path towards a successful business.

Petunia Woo, NCA, LLB

Law Student
Petunia completed her Bachelor of Law in the United Kingdom and has experience working in both Civil and Criminal law practice. Upon completion of National Accreditation Examination (the NCA), Petunia will article with the firm. She is also a law student member of Woman’s Law Association of Ontario, Criminal Lawyer Associations, Ontario/Canadian Bar Association and Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers.

Our Clients

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